2018-2020+ BMW F90 M5 - S63TU4- Performance Tuning
2018-2020+ BMW F90 M5 - S63TU4- Performance Tuning

2018-2020+ BMW F90 M5 - S63TU4- Performance Tuning

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Please print out this form and mail it in with your DME. DME will not be flashed until the form is filled out and sent to us. Thank you.


  • We do not offer tuning for emission delete, we do not disable catalytic converter or secondary air pump systems. 
  • We do not offer tuning services to the state of California.

BMW S63TU4 with dual MG1CS201 Performance ECU tuning software.

Will work in the following BMW models:

5' F90 M5   (01/2016 — 2020+)

  • 5' F90 M5, M5, Sedan, S63M, AUTO, USA, (JF03)

    8' F91 M8   (11/2017 —

    8' F92 M8   (11/2017 —

    8' F93 M8   (10/2018 — 2020+)

    • 8' F91 M8, M8, Convertible, S63M, AUTO, USA, (DZ03)
    • 8' F92 M8, M8, Coupe, S63M, AUTO, USA, (AE03)
    • 8' F93 M8, M8, Gran Coupé, S63M, AUTO, USA, (GV03)

    Stage 1 Gains at the wheels on a 2020 BMW M5 Competition Pack:

    100WHP @ 4000RPM

    140WTQ @ 3300RPM

    Non-competition models will have same end results, but overall gains will be larger since they start with less HP/TQ.

    Performance tuning modifies torque limiter maps, boost levels, fuel maps, ignition timing advance maps and more. All to help safely increase HP/TQ, while keeping good drive-ability and factory fail-safes/limp protection in place.


    We only offer one flashing type for this car (Bench Flash).

    BENCH FLASH: Remove the ECU/DME and mail it in. We will create a full backup image of your ECU/DME without opening the lid or any physical damage to it. We then upload the tune. This is the safest way, as we can have a full backup of the entire ECU/DME content.

    If you're a local in the Seattle area in Washington, you're welcome to stop by and we can do this in person without having to remove the DME from the vehicle.